Our Policies

Environmental Policy

EVITA LLC has several years of experience in the distribution sector of pharmaceutical products and medical materials.

Environmental Management Following the principles of sustainable development, EVITA is committed to providing investment solutions, products and services, contributing to the socioeconomic and environmental development of the territory where it operates, making use of ecosystems and natural resources in a rational, preventive and sustainable way, in compliance with legal and other requirements applicable to its activities in a way that meets the current needs of the business without compromising future generations and ensuring protection of the environment by strengthening the company’s environmental performance and continuous improvement in environmental management practices.

Goals and Objectives

EVITA LLC has the goal to achieve the following objectives:
• Compliance with the legal requirements of the sector in which the company operates, such as environmental and safety policies, free competition, legitimate interests of customers, suppliers, institutions and community.
• Technology improvement, providing new services, while increasing customer satisfaction and reducing environmental impact.
• Reduction of the environmental impact, associated with company’s activity as well as improvement of environmental performance.
• Setting environmental objectives and goals, by reducing waste production and consumption of energy, water, paper and natural resources.
• Continuous risks identification, evaluation and control.
• Ensuring that documentation is properly stored, understood and disrtibuted to all company levels.
• Prevent pollution and environmental risks arising from activities, with the proper identification, evaluation and management of such risks in order to minimize their effects and mitigate their impacts.
• Precautionary protection against major threats and conservation of nature and biodiversity.

Continuous Improvement
• Aim for continuous improvement of environmental performance through management, periodic evaluations, innovations and technologies.
• Implement awareness, training and/or qualification programs that lead to the adoption of safe, healthy and respectful behaviors by all employees, partners, communities, users and other interested parties.

• Maintain communication channels within the company as well as with partners regarding environmental aspects and services.
• Document and disseminate the socio-environmental scopes, objectives and results achieved.
• Ensure the safety of the communities where the company operates, as well as keep such communities informed about the impacts and risks that may arise from the company’s activities.
• Promote the dissemination of this Environmental Policy to interested parties, seeking to ensure the compliance with such policy.

Training and Qualification
Promote training programs on environmental education to qualify and educate the company’s employees.

This policy is distributed to all employees, is available to any interested party and may change if necessary.

Quality Policy

The Company policy is to maintain an effective management system and quality assurance in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and Good Distribution Practice (GDP). The company continuously improves the implemented system offering high quality services and products in a competitive environment.

Company’s purpose is:
• Achieve customer satisfaction in terms of:
− Quality of services and products,
− Timing of orders or their correct execution regarding terms of delivery and fulfillment of contractual obligations.
• Improve service quality offered through continuous communication with suppliers, offering all the information and necessary support to costumers.
• Prevent pollution and constantly monitor our activities impact in the environment.

We are committed in achieving our objectives and goals through:
• Continuous identification of customer needs in the following fields:
− Quality of goods and services
− Customer requests management, frequency of deliveries, stock.
• Undertake actions to operate and offer services according to GDP standards (Good Distribution Practice).
• Leading all departments of the Company to identify and effectively fulfill customer needs, environmental measures, workplace healthcare through continuous training of our employee.
• Fulfillment of legal requirements, regulations and standards throughout the company’s activities.
• Continuous identification and evaluation of risks in the workplace and taking precautions and corrective measures aiming to improve working conditions and increase employee satisfaction.
•Identification and evaluation of the potential impact of our activities in the environment and taking precautions to prevent or reduce the negative impact on the environment.

We value the earned trust and customer satisfaction, therefore we still contribute in the quality of our services. Our standard is also confirmed by the Quality Management System Certificate ISO 9001:2015, which has been continuously approved since 2015.

Code of Ethics

This Summary of EVITA LLC Policies on Business Conduct (the “Code of Ethics”) is a guide to the Company’s compliance structure and key standards. The Code of Ethics summarizes a number of corporate policies and procedures that govern doing business in a legal and ethical manner. All colleagues are subject to the laws and regulations of the country in which they work. In addition, all colleagues are responsible for understanding and following the EVITA LLC policies and procedures that apply to their roles and responsibilities. EVITA LLC also holds its vendors and contingent workers to high standards. They are expected to comply with all laws and all relevant policies that apply to their work conducted on EVITA LLC behalf.
For any questions, clarifications or reporting regarding the Code of Ethics, Quality Policy and Environmental Policy contact at [email protected] or [email protected]. We will verify any reports or alerts, anonymous or not, and when requested the identity of the reporter will remain confidential. EVITA LLC keeps your personal data in accordance with local laws and in accordance with the company's regulation for documents retention, for as long as it is necessary to fulfill our legal obligations, or to set up, or to be protected from legal claims. When personal data records are no longer required for the above mentioned purposes, they will be permanently deleted.